The ballad of Friedrich Raiffeisen

So klingen Banken

Da muss erst ein “Accoustic Thriftrock Duo” aus dem “Credit Union Land” kommen, um endlich den wahren Song für die Genossenschaftsbanken zu schaffen. Und das Duo mit dem Namen “The Disclosures” möchte, dass wir die frohe Kunde in die Welt tragen. Also los. Hier ist der Text

The ballad of Friedrich Raiffeisen

My name is Friedrich Raiffeisen
I’m not known across the land
I was born in the 19th century

My father died when I was young
Nine kids raised by mom
We had it tough growing up, but we made it through

I served my country, then fell blind
But kept on keeping on
Became mayor of my German town rife with poverty

And even though my eyes are bad
It’s not hard to see
The injustice to the poor around me

‘Cause sharks and thieves were right at home
The only game in town
Ripping people off, just because they can

So I tried my hand at charity
To help those in need
Soon found out you don’t give the fruit, you work on planting the seed

We pooled our funds and soon become
The best place in the land
For hands helping hands, not taking handouts

All for one and one for all
Although we’re not musketeers
There’s a better way of doing things…and you belong over here

Ich heisse Friedrich Raiffeisen
And I stand before you now
Father of a modern movement grown by leaps and bounds

We grew up right and wrote the book
On how to lend and save
While putting people before profit each and every day

If you hear my name in some far place
And can’t recall my song
That’s okay, it was never about me.

Copyright October 2010, by The Disclosures

Und hier der Song The ballad of Friedrich Raiffeisen

Hier geht es zur Internetseite der Disclosures. Und wann kommt das youtube Video? In jedem Fall gibt es auch eine Facebook Seite. Da müssen die Genossen doch mal eine Tour organisieren oder einen eigenen Song schreiben und singen. Ich bin in jedem Fall bereit beim nächsten Barcamp einen Versuch zu starten.

AUTHOR - Boris Janek

  • Christopher

    Thanks for sharing our song! Raiffeisen’s story is one that transcends geography and inspires many.

    • electrouncle

      Hi Christopher,

      thank you for the song and your post here. Hope your song will find its way to germany. I work for the internet company of the german Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and maybe you should sing a german version. What do you think


  • Christopher Morris

    Thanks Boris.

    We’ve been thinking about doing that, especially after a nice man in Germany translated our lyrics for us over the weekend (we link to them from our Facebook page). Our priority is to finish our first album though! So stay tuned –

    • electrouncle


      yes i know this man. And I wait for your first album. Good luck. And if you need some german support you are welcome to contact me. I will stay tuned

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