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Habe dies gefunden und gelesen. Leider habe ich die Quelle nicht mehr parat. Meine Leitfrage: Wie sieht es in diesem Land aus? Gefahr erkannt? Veränderungsbereitschaft vorhanden? Was tut sich?

Innovation not required at this time | UK Bank

Jun 17, 2008 14:00:56 GMT

This just goes to show Banks have learned nothing. In typical form, and just when innovation is most needed, this one Bank (UK) falls back on the traditional ‘back to basics’ mentality, and eliminates the “luxury” of innovation.

BankerVision: Innovation is a luxury

The other day, I heard on the grapevine that a significant UK bank is cutting back its innovation function. You’ll forgive me, I’m sure, if I don’t name the bank, but reports of the contraction of innovation there were triangulated by several sources. Apparently, given the difficult times at present, innovation was seen to be an expensive “luxury”.

A banker would have to be a complete imbecile to not accept that these are trying times for Banks, that certain traditional ways of making money need to be re-engineered (ABCP), that customer demographics have shifted dramatically into groups that expect online and multiple channel access to services that transcend bill payment, and balance look up … need I go on.

So by eliminating the innovation function one of two choices are being made:

1. product and marketing groups can do the innovation [keep doing the same thing and expect new and different outcomes] 2. return to basics banking and lets just sell more stuff to existing customers [keep doing the same thing and expect new and different outcomes]

oh, did I mention that both choices are precisley the same choice [keep doing the same thing and expect new and different outcomes].



Boris Janek

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