Fintech Adventskalender: Fintech Innovation may be Social Innovation

Many fintech innovations strenghten the customer and improve his  experience. Fintech startups create transparency, remove the middleman,  make new and fairer credit score ratings possible, reduce prices for transfering money, help people and organizations to get loans and credits from other people, communicate via Social Media, establish advisory communities, get people involved into creating new products and generating ideas and help them getting real time advices via apps or watches. This list could be continued endlessly. So it lies  a great potential for social innovation in fintech disruption.

Here is a short Nesta Video explaining Social Innovation.


Ond huge part of this Fintech Social Innovation is the Sharing Economy. Here is a status report from Jeremiah Owyang  from the Le Web Conference in Paris: 2015: The Year of the crowd. Crypto Currencies, p2plending and crowdinvesting are the main sectors in the money area.




AUTHOR - Boris Janek

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