Finovate Europe: Waiting For The Magic Moment

Finally back from London. Finovate Europe is over. This is my short recap.

We didn´t see a Fintech Revolution but rather a Fintech evolution. No ideas, products or presenters like Moven, Simple or german fidorbank. But many nice advancements of existing solutions and ideas.

 Finovate 2014

The main topics this Year:


  • Personal Finance Management
  • Customer and employee friendly software for banks. Which means easy to use
  • Mobile Applications, mobile payment and mobile banking. With an moven like mobile first approach called Soon presented by Axa Banque as one of the highlights of this finovate. A strong signal that the age of branchless banking finally reached the mainstream banks.
  • Fraud Management and Security
  • Banking Tools for Small Businesses


My favorites:


Toshl. A mobile first personal finance tool that is with the user all the time. Using gamification as little monsters compare your spending to the average german user and commented on your bad financial manners.


Tink. Another gamified personal finance service which gives you control over your financial life. I specially likes the money feed, which shows you where your money was gone. Tink is a diary like PFM Tool, with links money with places and pictures.


Youwealth. The Money Hub is a unique bankless PFM Solution putting consumers in control of their financial world via mobile, tablet and desktop services. Fantastic Design and User experience which defines a new benchmark for the personal finance world.


Kown. Peer to peer Investing marktetplace which is an alternative for the traditional saving account, empowering anyone to invest in a company, as easy as shopping online. I like this idea and company because they are an alternative to banks.


Soon. Launched by Axa Bank and CH&CIe is a new mobile first bank adressing the younger french customer, who maybe likes daft punk. Soon presenters entered stage with daft punk music wearing helmets . Their mobile banking application is much like daft punk: Stylish, modern, brave and very very cool with a touch of savoire vivre

CurrencyTransfer. The world´s first venue for SME´s to access best currency quotes form all providers in one venue. They will make  currency transfer more transparent, less expensive and easier for SME´s



The real best of the show winners


Backbase.with its out-of-the-box tool for mobile account origination and enrollment

BehavioSec, with its behavioral biometrics solution created specifically for a mobile environment

Dynamics, for its new Open Loop and Closed Loop card technology

Etronika, for its multi-channel partnership ecosystem within BANKTRON

MISYS, for its cross-generational digital banking experience

Luxoft, for its iStockTrack, an app that gives users a single place to connect with their investment life

Tink, for its mobile PFM that helps users stay connected with their finaces

Toshl, for its quirky PFM that makes finances fun

YourWealth, for its MoneyHub technology that gives users total control of their entire financial life.

Although  magic moments were scarce finovate still is the most exciting Fintech event I ever visited. So I will come back next year



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AUTHOR - Boris Janek

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